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roko.bike - we create cycling passion

roko.bike – we create cycling passion

roko.bike are Polish bikes that were created out of passion for cycling. We put all our knowledge and heart to make them meet the expectations of the most demanding little cyclists and that is why all, even the smallest details of roko.bike have been designed especially for children. We also know the importance of the weight of bikes, which is why roko.bike is one of the lightest in the world.

We are sure that when getting on the roko.bike, children will love riding a bike and will be happy spending every free moment actively.

MCaS Geometry (Maximum Control and Safety)

As a result of many studies, analyzes and tests, we have developed a unique geometry that provides maximum control over the bike in all conditions and significantly increases safety.


The most important differences of MCaS in relation to the typical geometry of a children’s bike are:

  • Low-situated bottom bracket that reduces the center of gravity of a small cyclist. It causes better grip of the bike in corners and in difficult terrain, facilitates the start and reduces the risk of hitting the upper tube while stopping
  • The short chain stay allows better maneuvering in tight corners and allows to climb steep hills without slipping of the rear wheel.
  • The reduced angle of the fork increases bicycle stability, especially during a downhill ride in difficult terrain
  • The use of a very short stem and the move of child’s riding position to the back facilitates better bicycle maneuvering and noticeably reduces fatigue during longer rides or trainings.

State of the biking art – the roko.bike frame


When designing and manufacturing our frames, we took care of every detail. They are distinguished by the MCaS geometry and other significant aspects. First of all, the roko.bike frames meet the requirements of ISO 8098 and 4210 in terms of safety and durability. We use butted tubes made of 6061 T6 aluminum in order to obtain the lowest possible weight. We weld in SMT technology, which results in smooth and aesthetic tube connections. The frame is painted with a semi-matt powder coat, which is extremely durable and will make the frame look attractive even after many years of intensive use. The final visual effect is complemented by perfectly glossy graphics made in UV technology.

New Microshift – first drivetrain groups specially designed for children


roko.bike offers bikes with new upgraded Microshift Advent and Acolyte shifting groups as first manufacturer in the whole world.
Those shifting groups were designed especially for children bikes. Shifters require much less effort to press and lever reach is much smaller which significantly simplify changing gears for small bikers. Additionally new derailleur with short cage was designed for 20” wheels, which reduces the risk of failure caused by contact with the ground.
From our tests we admit that those shifting groups work very smooth and there is no better system for children bike at the moment.


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+ 48 511 792 001

+ 48 511 792 001

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We do not use plastic packing materials. All bikes are packed exclusively in cardboard and paper packaging.