Buy safely and risk-free. Free shipping and free return if the bike does not meet expectations.


Do you offer warranty for bikes?

The warranty is 24 months and is based on the proof of purchase. We do not print additional warranty cards.

Where can i buy spare parts for my

You can purchase parts on our website. If something is not visible in our store, please contact us – we will be happy to help you solve the problem. You can buy many parts that fit our bikes in a bicycle shop or online.

Where can i service my

In order for the bike to run for a long time and failure-free, it should be regularly cleaned and serviced. The basic steps are easy to do yourself, see our advice “How to take care of the yourself” for more information. In addition, once a year, preferably off-season, we recommend a full inspection at a good bike repair shop in your area.

Can i install fenders to a

Yes. Our bikes have inlets for screwing the fenders. When buying fenders for your, pay attention to the wheel size and width of the fender in order to fit both the frame and the width of the tire.

Can i see and buy a in a bicycle store? is sold mostly online. Thanks to this, we can offer a much better price or, looking at it from the other side – a much better bike at a specific price.


To meet the needs of customers who want to see the bike and think about it, we offer free shipping and a 30-day return policy.


Sometimes we exhibit our bikes at bicycle events. Then the bikes can be viewed, tried on and also ridden. We invite you to follow our profiles on social media, and to subscribe to our newsletter. In these channels, we will inform you where and when you will be able to visit our stand.


Additionally we cooperate with some bicycle showrooms where you can see, fit, buy or order our bikes. The list of showrooms cooperating with us is available in the tab “Showrooms”.


Yes, our bikes are truly as unique as we describe them and our customers are delighted.

How much exactly does a weigh?

The weight of the bike is stated in its ready-to-ride condition, i.e. the one you see in the photos. Most importantly, we give the weight including pedals. Many companies state the weight of their bikes without pedals. In our opinion, this is misleading to the customer. The weight of the pedals is about 0.3 kg. Compare the weights fairly and then you will see that is second to none.

The weight of your may differ from the one stated on the website by up to +/- 3%. The possible difference is due to the production technology of individual parts.

Which countries do you send bikes to?

We ship our bikes throughout the European Union. Moreover, shipping is free for most countries. If you want your bike to be delivered elsewhere, please contact us directly. We will find a way to send your dream anywhere.

Which size of a should i choose for my child?

The most important parameter is the child’s height, which is provided for each bicycle model. Our bikes are designed so that a growing child can smoothly switch to the next, larger model. However, we do not advise you to buy bikes bigger that the recommended child’s height. It negatively affects the comfort and control of the ride, thus the child’s safety. When in doubt, a bike that is too small is better than a one than is too big.

Use the Sizing Guide tab to choose the correct bike.

When will i receive the ordered bike?

We strive to ship the available bikes within one business day. Delivery in European Union typically takes two to five business days.

Can i return the bike?

Of course. Especially for our clients, we extend the return period to 30 days. You can read more about it in the Return Policy.