Do you offer warranty for bikes?

The standard warranty period is 24 months and is based on the purchase receipt. There is no need to print additional warranty cards.

Where can i buy spare parts for my roko.bike?

You can purchase unique parts for roko.bike bicycles on our website. If a part is not available, please contact us - we will be happy to help you solve the problem. Many parts that fit our bicycles can be purchased at bike shops - both in-store and online.

Where can i service my roko.bike?

To keep your roko.bike running smoothly and without any issues, it should be regularly cleaned and serviced. Basic maintenance tasks can easily be performed by yourself, and you can find more information about this in our guide "How to take care of your roko.bike". Additionally, we recommend a full inspection by a reputable bike service once a year, ideally after the season.

Can i install fenders to a roko.bike?

Yes, our bikes have holes for attaching fenders. When buying fenders for a roko.bike, pay attention to the wheel size and fender width to ensure they are compatible with both the frame and tire width.

Can i see and buy a roko.bike in a bicycle store?

roko.bike mainly sells bikes online, which allows us to offer better prices or better bikes at specific price points.

To accommodate customers who want to see the bikes before buying, we offer free shipping and an extended 30-day return policy.

We also display our bikes at various cycling events, where customers can try them out.

We collaborate with several bike shops where customers can see, try, and order our bikes. The list of these shops is available on the Showrooms tab


How much exactly does a roko.bike weigh?

The weight of the roko.bike is provided in the ready-to-ride condition, including pedals. Many companies provide the weight without pedals, which is misleading. The weight of pedals is around 0.3 kg.

The weight of roko.bike may vary up to +/- 3% due to the production technology of individual parts.

Which countries do you send bikes to?

We ship our bikes throughout the European Union. What's more, shipping to most countries is free of charge. If you would like your bike to be delivered to a different location, please contact us. We will find a way to send roko.bike to the specified location.

Which size of a roko.bike should i choose for my child?

The most important parameter is the child's height. For each bike model, we provide the suggested height. Our bikes are designed so that growing children can smoothly switch to larger models. However, we do not recommend buying bikes bikes bigger that the recommended child’s height because it negatively affects the comfort and control of riding, and therefore the child's safety. In case of doubt, a better choice would be a bike that is too small rather than too big.

To choose the right bike size, use the Sizing guide tab.

When will i receive the ordered bike?

We aim to dispatch available bikes within one working day. Delivery within Poland usually takes one working day. Delivery times to other countries range from two to five working days.

Can i return the bike?

Yes, of course. We have extended the return period to 30 days especially for our customers. Detailed information can be found in our Return Policy.