We ship to EU countries. For inquires email us: info@roko.bike

Roko.bike is sold mostly online. Thanks to this, we can offer a much better price or, looking at it from the other side – a much better bike at a specific price.

To meet the needs of customers who want to see the bike and think about it, we offer free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

Sometimes we exhibit our bikes at bicycle events. Then the bikes can be viewed, tried on and also ridden. We invite you to follow our profiles on social media, and to subscribe to our newsletter. In these channels, we will inform you where and when you will be able to visit our stand.

Additionally we cooperate with some bicycle showrooms where you can see, fit, buy or order our bikes. The list of showrooms cooperating with us is available in the tab “Showrooms” Yes, our bikes are truly as unique as we describe them and our customers are delighted.