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We started our cycling journey almost 30 year ago. Being young contenders we were always fascinated by bicycles and we did everything to make our bikes faster, lighter, more comfortable and good looking.


Much has changed over the years but our passion remained.


We have created so that children today enjoy equipment that we could only dream of and that will also set trends of modern children bicycles for the future.


The joy of riding a makes children experience unforgettable moments. This is what drive us and gives us great satisfaction. was built not only out of passion. We used all our engineering knowledge and business experience to create the company.




Rafał Nogowczyk i Lesław Steffek – founders

Rafal Nogowczyk
By passion - a mountain biker, by education - a mechanical engineer with a PhD degree. In responsible for operations and product development.
Leslaw Steffek
IT engineer with vast business experience. Spends every free moment riding a bike. In responsible for business strategy.